New Release of High Speed Matching Engine For Bitcoin Trading

Sellbitbuy - A leading bitcoin webservice provider of high-speed of match engine for trading within precision timing. Sellbitbuy announced today for bitcoin startups, we are leading se


How to Start a White Label Bitcoin Exchange ?

White Label Exchange : If you've thought on running a show of your own crypto-currency exchange website, there are some important & specific advantages while crossing your milestones through


Ultimate Local Bitcoin Exchange Business Solutions For Entrepreneurs

Exchange Software: Built for Bitcoin Entrepreneurs  For business startup or traders with the mindset of starting a trading website, aim to build a secured exchange system that makes it easy for


Millions Making Money With Bitcoin Exchange Software

Blockchains are successful at releasing several new applications. There are many advantages bonded with using Blockchains. Some of the benefits become better without doubt, but it must be able to toen


Why You Have To Build Your Bitcoin Exchange Website ?

Success key points to win business in Bitcoin Platform -  Bitcoin Trading platform is specialized in building a Bitcoin Marketplace and makes the traders and website owner to have a secure envir


7 Awesome reasons To choose Our Bitcoin Trading Script

1.Incorporate a boundless number of sellers and buyers within one marketplace. In this marketplace we can get unlimited number of traders they can buy/sell their bitcoins in a multi vendor marketplac


LocalBitcoins Debuts Bitcoin Billing as First Merchant Feature

LocalBitcoins has added a new section to its website where users can send and anage invoices, allowing them to receive customer payments in bitcoin. The offering marks the peer-to-peer platform's


Bitcoin Was Dead? 2016 Is the Year it Goes Big

BITCOIN was going to change the world until it wasn t. But now it is again.Oh sure you ve heard this before. Back in 2013, everyone was sure bitcoin was the next big thing. Then the world’s la


Bitcoin Exchanges are more Centralised than Traditional Exchanges.

Imagine you were an equity trader and used a Stock Exchange to trade between equities and cash and back. What would happen if they unexpectedly filed for bankruptcy? How much money would you stand t


Why Everyone Excited About Bitcoin escrow Exchange?

  An increasing popular reaction to the almost universal use of paper money issued by central banks and largely controlled by financial institutions is the trend toward using virtual or digital