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Ultimate Local Bitcoin Exchange Business Solutions For Entrepreneurs

Exchange Software : Built for Bitcoin Entrepreneurs 

For business startup or traders with the mindset of starting trading website, aim to built an secured exchange system that makes it easy for you with @sellbitbuy. The only collaborative local bitcoin trading / exchange solution that massively scales.

  • Code collaboration on secured framework
  • Massively scaling with 130+ fiat currencies. 
  • Have uninterrupted access with exchanging / trading progress. 
  • Fast performance wherever you are in the world.
  • Flexible deployment models
  • Unlimited private repositories

How Traders can flexible with Sellbitbuy - Exchange Solutions ?

Sellbitbuy - makes it easy for traders to build great community into single website.Easy module of Design & Delivering to the traders at speed without sacrificing quality.


Sellbitbuy - own / recommeded server fits into the fabric of your trading platform to help you streamline your infinite number of traders traffic into website.

Integrate with secured framework to sync pull requests, commitments in design & development features making traders without leaving your website. Plus, customize with exchange/trading marketplace add-ons to meet your trader's growing needs.


Server provides enterprise-grade security, providing fine-grained control over permissions and compliant workflows.

Ensure the right people have the right access to code with LDAP support, unique pull request features like default reviewers, and custom restrictions as your user traffic & trading process grows.

Track trading continuity  

Create & track the status of trading history of users. So traders can happy with all of your website elements. once website elements & their satisfication attains, your business will be top of exchange platform. 

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